I Finally Found a Good Nail Salon...

Oh boy! I'm so excited to be able to get my nails done now! Working at Starbucks for the last year didn't allow me to have my nails done with the exception of when I was out of town, but now I can have my nails done whenever and however.  I am always trying to find a better, cheaper, more fun nail place to go to here in Vegas and I never seem to find one that I love. 

Until yesterday. LV Nail Lounge is it guys. The lovely lady who did my nails, Jennifer, is so fun. She did such a great job and when I asked her to do something fun with gems and surprise me she did, and I love how it turned out. 

See, I know close to nothing about getting my nails done and it sometimes gives me anxiety, like oh no what color should I do? What finger should I do something different on? Should I do gel or no? Acrylic or no? And when I finally decide what I want I find myself nervous that the nail tech won't do a killer job. But, Jennifer totally helped me figure out what I want and she executed them perfectly! 

I give this place, especially Jennifer, 10/10 on my nails. 

Acrylic coffin nails, with regular grey polish and a matte top coat. Also with subtle gems on the ring finger. 

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