Let's talk about makeup. There are so many types of make up it can be hard to decide what works best for your face sometimes. But I found a makeup cocktail that I love. I struggle with skin problems and so I don't like to bog down my skin with thick heavy foundations so I use a tinted moisturizer from NARS to start. Living in Vegas my skin dries out if I don't use this stuff.

Then I use smashbox photo finish foundation primer. This stuff is life. With out this my face falls apart and you can see all my pores. But I not only love this stuff because it takes away my pores but it keeps me from breaking out.

Then I use a MAC mineralize foundation/lose for my power. I have oily skin and this just makes me soft and matte and it's light which is good in this  Vegas heat!

Then I recently started playing around with contour. I currently use a Too Faced matte bronzer as my contour and a MAC highlight. And a MAC blush to top it off.

Now for eye makeup I don't use a whole lot since being blind out of one eye makes doing eye makeup difficult, I always put on my eye primer at least so my lids don't get oily. I use MAC painterly and it slays. I also don't use mascara lately as I have eyelash extensions, what a cheat, but when I do I use a mascara by Chanel.

Last but definitely most important, EYEBROWS. I never ever thought brows were important until about a year ago. As a natural ginger, I have light eyebrows and I never did them. But good brows are a game changer. With well done eyebrows a girl doesn't really need much else! So I use Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade! I love it so much, it's seriously a game changer.

I love all the makeup I use, because it works for my skin and the brands I use are my favorites. They're about middle of the road price wise, except the Chanel, but I recommend these brands and the smashbox photo finish primer for sure.

Hope this helps you fine your makeup cocktail!