Finally talking about these handler booties... 

[wpvideo ZJL0andM] I got these shoes awhile back for a KILLER DEAL! I love them and so does everyone I work with, I get compliments on these shoes every time I wear them (which is a lot) but they're comfy and adorable.

So I got these shoes at Zara on sale. I would put a link to them but they don't have any right now. But Zara has provided me with my two favorite pairs of shoes I've had. So still check out their shoes!

But here's a link to something similar.

Anyways. I recommend getting a pair of handlers with a cut out or something sylisticly different. Everyone wears handler bootees but they're always too plain. Now I know mine are plain, but with the cut out and the pointed toe I figured patent leather black isn't too plain. I love handler booties and there's a pair I've been dying to get from modern vice, but they're a bit out of my price range. So I had to get something different and I found these lovely Zara shoes for only $20 bucks!

Zara shoes tend to be more pricy than that but they always have sales, I definitely recommend those!


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