Eyelash extensions are too fierce...

I don't really like wearing mascara. It takes so much effort to make my eyelashes look thick and dark since I have such light lashes. So I started getting lash extensions. I used to do them a couple years back and my gal stopped doing them so I went back to mascara. However, I went on a sweet family vaycay about a month ago and I didn't want to wear makeup the whole trip so I got the extensions. That way I wouldn't look tired and lazy the whole time. And there would be no mascara smears on my face after swimming. It was great!

Since I've had the lashes getting ready is so fast! They're so thick and lucious that I don't even need eyeshadow. I love how thick and dark they are. It's nice because they last about 3 weeks. My gal schedules me every 3 weeks to fill them, but I would prefer every 2 weeks because they tend to get wild as they fall out.

The one downside is they can be really pricey. For a new full set they run anywhere from $100-250 and I wasn't about to pay that so I got a Groupon! But after the first set they aren't too bad. My gal charges me 55 for a fill. So basically 55 bucks a month, not too bad if you think about it.

So,if you're like me with light lashes and hate mascara smears I suggest lash extensions!

My gal is great. Here's the link to the Groupon I used to find her!! It's a steal and she does a fabulous job!


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