Red Hair Don't Care...

First off I wanna say happy national mean girls day. What a great day for all us young girls who adored that movie. But anywho,

I dyed my hair last Thursday and I've neglected to post a photo until it looks broken in and not too shockingly new.

So Im naturally a gingy, but about 8 months ago I bleached my hair and went to the blonde side. However, I was sick of everyone calling me a blonde so I dyed it back, plus it's fall.

I didn't go lightly into this. I was going to dye my hair a fun crazy new color, silver grey, but the stylist said it would wash out in 10 days! Who would have thought?! So ladies, if any of you are trying to be on trend like I was and get the rose gold hair or the silver hair, I recommend to go in with caution. Since my stylist exnayed my style choice I went with my second choice, and did a color I know and love for fall.

Red red red.

It's a bit shockingly red right now still but I love it and don't want it to fade so my momma picked me up some great red shampoo. The red shampoo is supposed to help keep the color vibrant and to make it last longer. I've never used this, so we'll see how well this brand works, however it was highly recommended. It's called Quantum Riviting Reds, you can pick it up at Sally's beauty!

But I have a funny story about using the shampoo this morning. So I didn't know it was going to be right red in color. And of course since it's brand new I squeezed too much into my hand accusingly. So suddenly there was a bright red puddle in my hand that looked too much like blood. It was comical when I washed my hair. HOWEVER, it smells GREAT and I've gotten compliments on how good my curls look today, so it's a winner for shampoo if you have red hair!

ALSO, if you're looking to get your hair professionally done, go to my salon! It's called JM Hair Gallery. The stylists are outstanding and genuinely great people! I seriously recommend them. Xoxo