Time to bring out the fur...


I'm so glad it's been chilly here in Vegas, that means I get to pull out my fur! I absolutely love my fur pieces. I have this vest and a fur jacket as well.  I love these pieces for fall/winter because they spice up each outfit nicely. Since it's not cold yet the vest is perfect!

Fur pieces like jackets, hats, vests, scarves even can be really expensive so I recommend faux. It's cheaper and if you want to be animal friendly that's the way to go. Now I would love to have a real fur coat or vest but I can't afford that yet, so I have faux and it's just as soft and warm. The faux fur is so good these days you can hardly tell the difference. 

Also, check out thrift shops for fur. Both of my pieces are from thrift shops in NYC! Buffalo Exchange, which they have in Las Vegas as well, and Search and Destroy in the East Village of Manhattan. Thrift shops are a great way to get stuff dirt cheap and still great quality. 

Now the rest of my outfit is a steal too! I got my skirt in the BP department at Nordstrom that was $30 and my top, that you can't really see, is a bodysuit from Zara that was on sale $9.99 (currently $12.90) What a steal right? 

I was going to wear my thigh high boots with this outfit, however they hurt my feet. So I wore thigh high socks with these killer Paul Green handler booties I have. I really like how the shoes worked with the socks, I wasn't sure I could pull it off. 

No one is currently selling the booties I have but here's a link to Paul Greens new fall/winter booties. 

Lastly, my bag. This bag is an oldie but a goodie. I got it from Aldo. I recommend going to Aldo for school bags or bags you know you're going to be tough on. Two of my all time fav bags are from Aldo. They last, they're cute and they're fair priced.