Comfy cozy day off...

Guys, I never wear leggings as my pants. This is a new thing! But, today is one of my only days off from work and having to chose what I wear under restrictions.  Having school and working the front desk at a yoga studio I wanted to be comfy. 

I pulled out my Zella leggings, my H&M sweatshirt (I can't seem to find a similar one online). Accesorised with my yoga mat flip flops, my Chloe dupe and my Dolce and Gabbana sunnies. Not to mention I had to bring my S'Well bottle with me to the studio. 

I suggest getting a S'Well bottle over a Hydro Flask! One, because the designs are cuter, but more importantly the top twists off far smoother than the Hydro Flask. 

I've always been one of those girls who hates when people wear yoga pants as "pants". I always think they're are better outfits to chose from that are cute and just as comfy, however my mind is changing. Integrating yoga into my life has made me okay with wearing yoga pants as an outfit. It's doable ladies, just don't over do it, you have cuter things in your closet that still make your bum look good.  Xoxo 

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