Beauty Trend Week...


Guys, its beauty trend week at Nordstrom again! Most counters have screamin' deals right now and some have gifts with purchases! I ran out of my face powder and my red lip and had to replenish anyways, so I decided to take advantage of beauty trend week so I could get the gift! (Specifically the flower)

The powder and the lipstick we're my own purchase, but everything else was part of the gift.

The two makeup pouches I got are fabulous. The red one is the Nordstrom Gift, in it including a brush holder, and the pink one is specifically Bobbi Brown.

I also got that rad Flower. It's a fragrance diffuser. If I put oils or perfumes in it, it will absorb the smell and give off the fragrance in my room! How cool.

Amongst the Bobbi Brown goodies were 3 face mask samples, a blush, waterproof makeup remover, mascefra and a lip gloss.

I just got this stuff yesterday and I haven't tried any of the goodies yet, except the bag. The bag fits EVERYTHING. It's fabulous.

Anyways girls, now's the time to go into Nordstrom and get some makeup and some goodies! "Today is the Day"