You guys. Check it out. Black.Boutique. It's the ishhh! All the clothes are all black, women's, men's and unisex which means it's perfect for everyone.

The brand is by JM Hair Gallery and it's designed for hair dressers, but we all know people are going to want it no matter their job.

Long story short one of the owners of JM is a multi generational family friend of mine and she asked me to model for them. Of course I said yes and I got to play dress up for a couple of hours. Including the men's and unisex items. In fact I loved some of the men's items most! All the photos turned out amazing. But now I want all the clothes I tried on. Which is a good and a bad thing. Lol.

Anyrate, I recommend this clothing line to anyone who likes black, good quality, nicely priced, soft, B-E-A-utiful clothes.

Go get your BLACK stuff here. Right now.

Or go to JM Hair Gallery to get items there.