Do more of what makes you happy...

I was thinking today about how much I like accessorizing with my rings. I used to wear them every day no matter my outfit. But now sometimes I won't because my outfit looks better with out them for whatever reason, but some days when I wear all of them I just love how they look.  Each ring of mine has a slight story behind them since I've been wearing these rings for so long! 

They're all sterling silver and some have stones. Opal and Amethyst (which is the one on the right) and I'm not sure what the purple one is on my left hand. It's pretty though and they all collectively go together. 

Anyrate, I love my jewelry even though sometimes it's a bit much to have 7 rings on at once. However, wearing multiple rings is still a huge style trend. So it's up to you right?

"Do more of what makes you happy"