Beanie weather...

I know these photos are almost the same, I just couldn't decide which was better so I used both.  I'm so glad it's finally feeling like fall in Vegas. We have so many hot days still but this morning it was chilly so I threw on the beanie and a leather coat. (I have three leather coats: black, olive, and pink so it was hard to chose) 

I love this type of look, it's just edgy enough with still being girly and chic.

The ripped jeans are also great. I wear a lot of simple (some people say boring pieces) and I get over saturated with one item. That item being black skinny jeans so I like to have ripped ones too or different fades or different textures. I love these ripped jeans though. They're my favorite and they're from H&M you guys. So we know they were a steal and they're good quality jeans! 

Topped off with my Chloé dupe and my Zara shoes.