Hello November...

First of all Happy November!  I wish Halloween hadn't come and gone yet because now I'm going to be busier than ever. With work, school, my last fashion class, exercise, and trying to find time for myself I won't have time to think. That's why it's good to have easy cute outfits for when you don't have time to fully get ready for each part of the day. 

Since it's a new month I have new goals to go with it. Starting with taking better care of myself, from eating better to exercising more and hopefully still sleeping enough. 

Also, to post every single day this month (starting today since I was sick yesterday). The holidays are my favorite time of year and I want to spread the positive energy. 

Anyrate, today I had class and a full day at work so I wanted to have a cozy outfit for class. 

I threw on Zella leggings, Nikes, a baseball cap, and a scarf with my thin trench coat now that it's cold-ish here in Vegas. I accented the look with some gold jewelry and my black and gold Coach bag

This look is chic and very "fall" but also extremely comfy for running around.