All black everything, again...


Today was a fabulous day.  All the good vibes were coming my way, even when I was thinking about school. 

I may be stressed but I'm well dressed. Haha! 

Anyways, you know me. I love all black everything so when I go to get dressed almost everything is black so it almost always goes together. Easy wardrobe hack. 

I notice I wear these jeans A LOT lately, but it's because they're my favorite and I can't wear them to work. So on my days off I tend to wear my ripped jeans! These ones are the favorites from H&M

Also. This Moto jacket I wear ALL THE TIME. It's from Express circa 2014 and it's been worn and beaten up and it still holds up. So if you're looking for a similar killer leather, look at Express

My shirt that isn't really noticeable in the photos is a cool jersey type top. It has flowers embroidered on the front where a logo would be on a sports jersey and I absolutely love it. It was from Nordstrom but there currently sold out so here is something similar

And of course my school bag that I got from Aldo a couple years back. Here's some other fringe bags, but also check out Aldo's bags. They hold up! 

P.s. The choker trend is SO IN right now and they're so pricy for something so small, so I made mine. I took some fabric and cut a straight strip of it and I just tie it in the back as tight as is comfortable and it's PERF and so easy. 


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