All legs...


I love these jeans and these booties together. They make my legs look like they go for days!  I barely ever wear heels anymore and with out heels I feel like I have short stubby legs! Ha! 

Today I decided to wear my Steve Madden booties. They're soooooo cute and also on sale right now! Black suede with a pointed toe my favorite. But I will tell you, they are pretty uncomfortable if you plan on walking or standing in them for any amount of time. 

Also these jeans. I LOVE these jeans. They are Brandy Melville. If you're like me and don't live in LA or NY you'll have to order online only. Unless you are like me and live in Las Vegas, then keep an eye out for their warehouse sales. The Brandy Melville warehouse is here and every few months they have a big sale and everything is for a steal! I got these black jeans there. They are pretty decent quality and they were dirt cheap (they also make my butt look good ;) ha!).  I love them, so go get some Brandy Melville jeans. (They're currently sold out on their website but they have other pants and overalls) 

Again this moto jacket that I wear always. It's been to New York and back with me and it's from Express

My scarf on the other hand is hard to get. A family friend gave it to me and it's from Africa. But here's a similar one. 


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