Usually I only wear hats when I'm having a bad hair day, but today I just wanted to wear this hat. I have a running joke about this hat. I call it my "attention hat" because it never fails that while wearing it I get a lot of attention. There's a long list of weird and nice things that have happened to me while wearing it. Ha!  I got mine years ago from a random boutique so here's a link to something similar. You can also look up "felt bucket hats" to find more. 

This dress is also one of my absolute favorites. The cut on it is so different than any other dress I have. (Here is something similar also from Express)  It's classy and sexy. Of course I paired it with my fav pointed shoes (mine are sold out so here are some even BETTER ones) and my Chloé dupe

Also, my little blazer is so old but I love it. It's so simple. I love throwing it on for that extra piece. 


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