Fall Vibes...


Oh my lawd! I am bursting with excitement and stress today.  This morning I went outside and quickly realized that it was FREEZING and time to bring out the big guns: my Barneys New York coat (here's something similar if you want to pay full price) It's beautiful and I got it for a steal of course. From Buffalo Exchange in NYC

Under my statement piece of a coat I just wore a cheap dress I have.(Here's a similar one that's less cheap) This dress, like most of my dresses, is too short on me in the back so this coat works wonders with it.

But guess what. LIFE HACK. Don't buy tights from anywhere other than a drugstore. I'm telling you, retailers charge anywhere from 12-30 dollars for them. If not more, and they RIP no matter what! So, I get these from Walgreens or Cvs or Duane Reade (if you're on the east coast) and they're only 5 bucks. 

Also, I've talked about these booties before. They're actually my moms but I steal them on the reg. They're Paul Green booties that she got at Nordstrom rack and they are sooooooo comfy. It's hard to find cute Paul Green's sometimes tho.  

But here's why I'm excited and stressed. Finals are coming up which are stressful enough but to make it more stressful I'm going on a long trip right before a test and right before a huge essay is due. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I'm going on this trip. Really really really glad. Because I'm going to Washington to see my cousins. One of which has a toddler that is so cute, another one just had a new baby and even crazier there's a cousin I haven't seen in ELEVEN YEARS. Plus all the other cousins, aunts and uncles I've seen more recently. But, this trip is about to be the highlight of the fall season for me.  I cannot  wait. 

I will be spamming  my blog with photos from WA and of the fam! 


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