Sorry for not posting for the last couple days. It's been gnatly with traveling and with family. Seeing everyone has been so great my phone has gone nearly untouched, except for funny raunchy pictures and videos, until today. 

Yesterday I hardly got ready. Haha. So today I got dressed and ready. 

A few of us went out to this cool place, which I cannot spell or pronounce so I'm not even gonna try. But it is this great company that buys historical buildings and revamps them into cool bars. 

Anyrate. It was great, it was adorable and funky.

The cousins got some cool drinks as well. 

Outfit deatails: Jacket: from Barneys New York, Shoes: Sam Edelmans from Nordstrom that are brand new and my new fav., Jeans: H&M (the Denim brand they have), Hat: Brandy Melville 

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