Thanksgiving attire...


Hey everyone, even if you don't live in the states, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I hope all of you are getting geared up and ready for some delicious grub.  So since everyone's gonna be eating and maybe drinking and mingling, you want to dress appropriately and sometimes that's a bit difficult. 

Here is my suggestions for thanksgiving attire: 

Okay so first one is easy. If you're not planning on eating a whole lot this is the best option haha! Only because if you're going to eat a lot, jeans aren't your best friend. But, if you're in a cold area, jeans are still far better than a skirt. An outfit like this is great for whatever holiday trips you're going on though. Your favorite jeans paired with a big sweatshirt or oversized sweater and a chunky soft scarf. You cannot go wrong. 

This next option is for the little classier thanksgiving plans. Maybe you're meeting the parents for the first time or something exciting that calls for a bit more dressy option. A big sweater with a skirt is flirty, comfy as hell, and classy. Pair it with some really cute boots, tights or some tall socks.   Finally, tho is my favorite option. And what I'm wearing today. This look is good for the classy party as well as eating a bunch. It's an oversized tshirt dress with a tailored blazer and the chunky scarf. I paired it with some tall socks since it's highly unlikely that I'll need shoes on today. 

It's also great to bring one good scarf that can pair with all the possible outfits so you don't over pack. But I love this scarf, it's soooo soft and it lays great and fluffy. 

Outfit 1: Jeans: Angl Denim, Sweatshirt: H&M 

Outfit 2: Sweater: H&M, Shorts:Angl

Outfit 3: Dress: H&M, Blazer: Maison Scotch 

SCARF: Madewell 

Happy Thanksgiving you guys. I hope this helped any of you ladies who are not sure what to wear today! 

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