Sexy but effortless...


Haha. So multiple people told me I look real sexy today, but the funny thing is, this is a comfy outfit in my mind.  I feel so gross after thanksgiving because I ate soooooo much food. No joke. My family and I went through 4 pounds of cheese in 24 hours. So. Much. Food. 

So today, I wanted to be comfy and cute for work. I didn't wanna wear jeans because they're too tight so I wore this skirt with some tights since it's a bit short. Then I wore a big cozy sweater because it's Sunday and I'm lazy. (It's from H&M forever ago so here's all their sweatshirts. . Tying it all together was the cute booties when all I wanted to wear were sneakers. 

Topped off with my Chloé dupe as always. 

Also, a dark lip 'cause why not?! 


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