Street look...

If you haven't noticed my look is a very simple, kind of boy ish look. I just like this style because it's way easier than dressing in girly colors and having pieces that are hard to mix and match. With all my muted colors things mix better together and it's far less work to get ready in the morning.  This look was more of a classic street look for me I'd say. I wore black-grey high waisted skinny jeans with a lose cowlneck long sleeve that my mom gave me and sneakers, with the double layer jacket. 

I walk across campus in the mornings for class and it's a bit cold out here in Vegas in the mornings but it does warm up. So the two jacket thing is perfect. One for walking outside and then I can take it off inside but still be warm or take off the big coat when it gets a little warmer. 

But this look was so easy. Jeans and a shirt with two of my favorite coats. Done. Easy as pie.