Frank Body....

I LOVE FRANK BODY PRODUCTS YOU GUYS!  There stuff is absolutely amazing. I got my sweet cheeks kit today and I'm pumped. So I've ordered products from them before and I ran out of the face wash. I believe this is the third time I've purchased their creamy cleanser. I love it. 

The scrub is also one of my favorites but it lasts for so long! It's an exfoliator that's to be used like once a week, and I definitely use mine more than once a week. 

In this kit though I also got the moisturizer as well as a nice little face towel. I haven't tried the moisturizer until now, but if it's anything like their other products I'm sure I'll love it. 

Even better though, I got this on sale. Frank Body is running a sale on all their kits right now.  I got my kit for 49 and I think it's usually 59... something like that. But with it I ask got the little towel that doesn't usually come with. 

I love this stuff you guys. It makes my skin so nice and it's made from coffee! It's only made in Australia and all the ingredients are from Australia. Also there is no animal testing! Overall it is just a good brand to use and it works well. I highly recommend them. 

Plus look at how cute their packaging is! I talked a bit about that on my insta story this morning. Follow me there if you don't already @zoeymarchiney 

Check them out right here!!!