I've been meaning to post this for awhile now... I keep seeing girls wear fishnets as their regular everyday tights. Famous bloggers and friends of mine.

So I decided it's time to try it. I actually really liked the look. However, my fishnets are old and from a costume I had years ago. So they were super uncomfortable. Hopefully nice fishnets are better! And I felt like I couldn't really wear this look to work. My dress was a bit on the short side and fishnets didn't make that any better. Maybe it's just me who thinks they're too sexy for work, I don't know.

I wore my Black.Boutique dress with my Steve Madden over the knee boots  (that I recently re-soled and now they're basically brand new) and a cute Leith tench vest from Nordies. It's out of stock and Nordstrom doesn't have much like it so here's some similar at Zara. Of course I paired it with my Chloé dupe.

By the way, when I got this Chloé dupe, I didn't know it looked like a Chloé until someone told me! It's also not a counterfit. It has no brand name on it or anything and it was $12.

But now I love it and want a real one!

Go try this fishnet look especially if you have thigh high boots. It'll be less scandalous that way.