Sorry I haven't posted anything in the past week. With the holidays and work it's been kind of crazy. I haven't been in school so I've been spending more time with friends and exercising.

It's been nice, but I've been slacking on the blog. It's time to get back to a routine.

So! Let me tell you about this bag.

I was messing around on insta and came across Camelia Roma a few months back. I loved all their bags so much and hello, anything from Italy is beautiful right! I knew I wanted one and asked for a bag of theirs for Christmas. My mom came in clutch and got me this beautiful red bag of theirs. The boxing was so elegant and very Chanel like.

(Christmas morning photo before I opened it.)

This bag smells amazing and the leather is hard and the bag stands up nicely. It has a few pockets inside perfect for your phone and your lipstick. (I should have taken a photo of the inside, but it's full of all my necessities already).

Anyrate, go check them out. Their stuff is amazing and I will be buying more of their bags in the future.