Mental Mondays...


Everyone hates Monday's but me. I love them. Monday's are when I take care of myself. I go to barre classes (since school has been out) and I go to a very special yoga class every night. I don't practice yoga as much as I'd like with my work and school schedule. However, when I practice I really treasure it.  

When I practice I always bring my mat and myself. I'm not big on having good yoga clothes because I do hot yoga and just get so sweaty there's no reason to be cute. Lol

But I use a cheap mat my mom got at target years ago and an amazing Gaiam towel my best friend got me.

I usually wear my Zella leggings, in this I'm wearing old ones from TJ maxx since my other ones are in the wash!

My absolute favorite sports bras for yoga are these Nike ones. They're for the small busted and the low impact work outs. However, I wear these when I run too and they're great. Happy Monday.