This dress...


This dress is one of my favorites. I don't wear it that often because it's heavy and I feel like it usually looks to dressy. But today I felt like pulling' this one out. I got it at a consignment store here in Vegas called Buffalo Exchange. They have them all over, but it just goes to show you can get really nice things for really cheap. I think I got this dress for $12. What a steal right.

The one downside is since it is so heavy it usually ends up bothering my neck by the end of the day. Not too much not to wear it, just enough that I notice.

I never wear this with a coat because it is so much longer in the back. And I also only wear it with tall boots. I used to wear it with my knee high Steve Maddens, but now I'm going to pair it with my over the knee Stuart's.

This dress makes me feel elegant. Don't be afraid to wear stuff that's maybe a tad too nice for your everyday look if it makes you feel good. That's what fashion is about. Xoxo