Burnt Marshmellow...


So this title is kinda funny and today it not only fits my personality but also my outfit.

One time in New York, someone told me I was like a Burnt Marshmellow. He said since I'm so tough and bitter and hard on the outside everyone thinks I'm confident and not insecure, but actually  I'm super mushy and soft on the inside, so I'm a burnt marshmellow.

This outfit today portrays this I think. The skirt and top are super girly and soft, like the inside of a marshmellow. But my jacket and boots make my look a little more edgy and tough, even though I'm not. I love this look though because it portrays me. I definitely come across like I'm really confident, like I've got my s**** together but that's not always true and it's definitely not deeply true.

Fashion helps me feel confident. If I feel good in my clothes that I usually feel pretty confident and I can carry myself a certain way even if it's not how I really feel.

Today's look shows both.

Lol. So that's why I'm like a burnt marshmellow.

Skirt: Nordstrom BP (this one I almost bought instead, they don't have the one I'm wearing anymore), Leather jacket: Express, Boots: Stuart Weitzman, Shirt: Angl, Socks: American Eagle (they're so comfy), Choker: I made it out of velvet! Super easy.