Not a Normal Post...

So, I listen to this podcast regularly, and in honor of the women's march this weekend I thought I'd share it with you.  This podcast is "Guys We Fucked the Anti Slut Shaming Podcast". They are two feminist comedians living in New York City who talk about everything. Sometimes they're real raunchy and others they are serious and intense.

This weeks episode was funny and also very intense, sad and heart wrenching. They read an email from a listener who had an absolutely atrocious thing happen to her friend. It was so sad and unfortunately very real in our society today. I listened to them talk about this while women all over were marching for their rights and I couldn't be in more agreement. What they talked about just goes to show how women get treated so badly in our country and we neglect to pay attention to it. It happens every day and we do not have the same equal rights as men. These women point that out all the time, sometimes in a funny way to make it easier to bear and realize.

So I've been a little pre occupied this weekend and it's been pouring down rain so I haven't been up for taking blog post photos. I thought to myself, why don't I share something other than fashion and fun stuff and talk about something important to me.

These women that do this podcast are intelligent and hilarious. These women know how to stand up for themselves but also acknowledge when they're wrong.

If you want to learn something and be entertained, maybe a little explicitly, then listen to them.

Also, if you don't want to be entertained and learn something, listen anyway and give it a shot because they are absolutely wonderful.