If you know me and or follow the blog, you know I don't wear brown very often. It's not one of my favorites.  But, today I was feelin this tan shirt. Which I paired with these white jeans that I never wear. The shoes tho! I love these shoes, they're my moms Franco Sarto's. I snagged them from her today to go with this outfit specifically and I really like them!

So if you're looking for comfy cute shoes, check out Franco Sarto.

I obviously paired this outfit with my big Barney's New York coat.

Ignore the bag I'm using. It's one of my favorites but it's soooo old and falling apart. I trash this bag because I use it for class. It's from Aldo! Don't get me wrong, it's like 3 years old and I've trashed this bag and it's still working well, it just had obvious wear and they don't make it anymore.

Oh and my straight hair. I really miss this look. I haven't straightened it in so long! I'm gonna be honest, this morning I really liked this outfit but as the day goes on I really don't like it.

These jeans aren't that comfy. And this top just gets lose throughout the day.

However, I will wear all this again just maybe not together.