Baseball Caps and Sneakers...


So it was waaaay to cold outside for this outfit! I thought it would get warmer and it didn't, so I was freezing walking al over campus today. Whoops!

But, I love this look so whatever. It was worth it. I didn't think this outfit would look good together in my head and then I put it on and loved it. I'll be wearing it again.

So it's my blue faux denim dress from H&M (here's something similar) paired with my favorite black jacket my mom got me in Copenhagen paired with a men's Oakley hat since they didn't have women's, and my Aldo pointed toe sneakers. Not to mention my Aldo bag and my S'well bottle that I take everywhere.

I had to wear a hat today because my straight hair has reached its last day before I have to wash it. I try to go three days like all the hairstylists say to do, but it's SO HARD TO DO THAT! However, today was day 3 so I had to wear a hat.

I love my Oakley hat though. I was in Palm Springs with my momma and I wanted a black hat really bad and the only all black hat was this men's Oakley hat that fit me well. The only downside is it doesn't have a pony tail holder. Which it should either way 'cause some men have ponytails too!

Anyrate, this dress is also great. It's actually a few sizes too big but I think if I owned the correct size for me it'd be far too short. This dress is really tenty.. and doesn't show shape whatsoever but it's incredibly soft and it has pockets so it's the bomb.

I just like wearing dresses with sneakers. I think it changes the style so much to something a lot of girls don't do unless it's with converse. So, I try and make my sneaker dress styles very much a street look.

You should too.