Five Minute Journal...

I'm so excited about this journal.  I have extremely high anxiety especially when it comes to relationships and I'm getting to an age where I really don't want to push away important people because I'm having irrational anxiety. 

I was looking online trying to find an anxiety notebook that assists with anxiety problems, and I stumbled across the five minute journal

I just got it and I'm already so excited about it. 

The journal has a chunk in the beginning you're supposed to read before you dive right in. It tells you the philosophy and science behind the journal, just a how it works section really. 

But it's set up so you write 3/4 of a page in the morning answering a few prompts and then two prompts at night right before bed. It's supposed to improve sleep and set a positive intention for your day. 

I'm excited to do this every day. It's going to boost my mood and I know it because the small positive affirmations I do work slightly that something I do every day twice a day is bound to help.

But it couldn't make things worse so I suggest you get it even if you don't have anxiety.