Dresses and T-Shirts...


I really didn't like this look at first. I thought everyone wearing this trend looked too childish. However, today I thought I'd just try it and see. So, since I'm really tall its super difficult to find dresses that aren't the length of a t-shirt on me. I have this one dress that is borderline too short but it's also a tank top dress so I'd look too naked if I wore it to work. Except, today I thought if I wore it with a t-shirt under than maybe it would compensate for the shortness of the dress. (Unfortunately I don't have a link to wear I got my dress, it was a small boutique, but here is something similar!)

I was right.

It actually looks really good. I didn't like a high neck t-shirt with my dress though. So I had a deeper neck t-shirt I liked with it better and then I paired it with my Stuart Weitzmans of course. Accessorized with a choker I made, my old Barney's New York Coat, and my old Aldo bag.

Moral of the story, if you don't particularly like a trend but have the stuff to try it, I suggest trying the new look. It might work for you.