Lunch Date...



My friend Halle came out and spent time with me while I got my nails done and ran errands with me and we also got some damn good food.

This place is sooooo bomb. If you live in Vegas you need to try it. It's called Rosallie Le French Café. They have delicious coffee. Actually, that's an understatement. They're coffee is perfect. But also their food is good. Next time I go I'm gonna try a pastry but their actual food is decadent and delicious.

Also, here is what I wore (minus the Lilyful Jacket because I switched coats and it was too warm out)

I wore a really cute Leith Duster vest from Nordstrom (They don't have it anymore, so Here is something similar!) My fav H&M jeans. Of course my comfy go to Zara shoes and an old top that has sheer sleeves.

I'm traveling today so I had to keep using my Aldo bag. I'm glad it matches with everything from my Dolce & Gabbana sunnies to my shoes.


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