Omg I have all the photos.  I posted a few on insta as a teaser until I got the rest of the photos to do a full post. 

I haven't posted anything else really because I'm just so excited to share these. 

Vanessa is the best. She's the photographer that took all these photos. Go check out her page. @full.of.elsewhere on insta and at Vanessasmithphoto.com. This shoot was so last minute. We were both back in our home town at the same time luckily, and available to do a shoot. The timing was perfect! 

It was too nippy out to do the boudoir shots she loves to do so maybe we'll do those another time. I hope! 

So we just worked with what we had and I'd say, what we had worked out pretty damn well. But all thanks to Vanessa. ♥️