Rose Gold • Mermaid hair...


I love this hair color SO MUCH! I didn't think I'd love it as much as I do. I'm OBSESSED. I know I'm a little late on this trend but changing my hair color makes me nervous!

But I'm on board with this trend and I'm telling you... I love it and I will KEEP doing it.

I also might change the tones of rose gold to be more intense next time. I'm not sure. But I definitely want this to be my hair color for the rest of 2017.

Special thanks to the girls at JM for deciding what color to do! Lol. I'll tag their insta pages so go check out this blog post on instagram to find the lovely ladies who helped make my rose gold mermaid hair come to life. I went into get my hair done the other day with the intention of going a darker red like always or back to being a blonde bombshell. Butthe girls said nope, what about we take you rose gold. So I said what the hell lets try it. I'm so glad.

I seriously feel like a mermaid.