Pedro Garcia...Designer Event...

Hi all, Again sorry for not blogging lately, that will change soon I do promise that.

However, right now I am working a ton and working on taking care of my store's Instagram page.

So today, one of my Favorite managers Ashley, and I worked on a post for insta. Our Nordstrom is having a designer event this Saturday the 25th, so  come through! It's going to be a little party for the designer products with some snacks and some champagne! (Shameless plug for Nordstrom... lol You can schedule an appointment with any salesperson by calling 702-784-1600 but walk ins are also welcome!)

Anyrate, we just got some new Pedro Garcia shoes that are seriously to die for. I want a pair soooo bad. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL AND MODERN AND EVERYTHING I LOVE.

So, we paired those shoes with a 3.1 Phillip Lim bag and I also die 'cause I want one of those so bad as well. They compliment one another perfectly!

Here's the photo. Hope you all love it.