Pick Flowers, Not Fights...

Happy Spring Everyone! I know we're a little over a week into spring and this is the first time I'm mentioning it, but it really feels like spring here in Vegas now. Like 10 days ago it was sunny and about 89 F. I was laying out gettin' some sun and now its 65, windy, and cold.

Anyways, today's post isn't about the weather at all, but about why I bought myself some pretty flowers. ( I know, it's not fashion oriented as it should be. I took a photo of the outfit I was wearing with the flowers, but it didn't turn out.)

So gettin' real personal real fast, I have been having a hard time lately. Not just with school work and normal work life but with body image issues. Now that it is swimsuit season (for the most part) here in Vegas, I have been re-assessing. And I am not happy with the way I look in a bikini. Some of you might read this and immediately be annoyed, I don't know. But having body issues is a real shitty feeling and I'm struggling.

I haven't been feeling good the last few days and then looking at myself in the mirror made me wanna cry because none of my clothes fit right or they look old and too worn, or my makeup doesn't look on point. So I was just cranky and finally had a day to go get some groceries to make myself some yummy healthy grub for the next bit until my Vacay to Cabo and I came across these flowers. Having such a crummy  day and not wanting to do anything or let anyone see me, these flowers kinda spuced it up. I could smell them from far away even with a very stuffed up nose and I just couldn't pass up white Daisies and whatever kind of pink flowers those are.

They made me feel a bit better.

I don't really have a moral to the story here, but if you're having body issues too you're not alone. The way I feel is that if there seems like there's an issue, change the pattern that's causing the issue and fix it. So, I guess that's what I'm trying to do. Exercise, eat better, maybe get some new clothing items here and there to build up my spring/summer wardrobe and blog more because that definitely makes me happy.

Anyrate, Happy Spring. Go get yourself some pretty flowers to liven up your room or kitchen table.

P.S My nails are a super cute rose gold chrome color that matches my hair. Done by Jennifer at LV Nail Lounge. Go check them out.