Evil Eye Earrings...


I love these little evil eye earrings! (This link to the most similar ones is for a pair from Neiman Marcus that are only $18!! Go get them) They are the cutest addition to any of my minimalist outfits and they match with all my rings!

When I did the fashion show back in February we were given these earrings as a gift! I have the business card somewhere for the designer of these earrings. She is a Las Vegas local designer so I will try and find her info. However, in the meantime here are some similar ones.

Also, these beauty brands, Chanel and Jo Malone are two of my all time favorites.

I'm telling you, this Chanel Lipstick is TO DIE FOR. For real you guys, it feels so nice on your lips and it doesn't wear off badly. It fades nicely and never gets dry and crackly. I of course got it at Nordies.

Then Jo Malone.

My mom turned me onto this brand. Their perfume smells so fresh and clean. All of them. They all last on your body well and slowly fade out rather than starting to smell eh after awhile. They aren't too potent and smelly to where they would give you a headache. It's just strong enough. My all time favorite sent of theirs is Peony & Blush Suede.

I recommend using both of these brands for your beauty needs!

Ps. The scarf is my mommas and I don't know what it is or where she got it so I apologize for not having a link to that.