Blue Skies...


I'm back bitchessss! Hopefully.

School is done for the semester as of today, for me anyways. Until I start taking summer classes but I should still have time to blog! I'm so sorry it's been so long. I've missed it. I just haven't had time or felt like I had any cute things to blog about, however now I feel I have a few new things and some good things coming!

Also I had a whole post finished and it was up loading and it DELETED THE WHOLE THING! So awful. Anyrate onto the outfit for ya babes!

To start... I didn't think I liked this outfit much but after my friend said she loved it and asked to take my blog photo I decided it was good!

Comfy, chic and casual? I'd say so.

So these shoes I cannot find in this blue velvet anymore. They were the hot trend when I got them so it only makes sense that they're all gone. Here's the black ones though! I originally got mine at Nordstrom Rack though, so check them out too.

My black jeans are also hard to find. They're DKNY and I love them but I can't ever find a link to them or similar DKNY jeans. So here is another great brand from Nordies. If you don't have a pair of these already, you need them.

The black shirt I'm wearing is a super old one from H&M with faux leather cap sleeves that are hidden by the men's shirt lol. Any nice black shirt you like will do though.

This men's shirt, along with the random clutch, belong to my mom. I don't know the brand but here is a quality one from Nordstrom as well. Lol. My go to store of suggestions!

So sorry for not having the accurate details on a few things or the accurate color! My similar items might actually be nicer though! Ha.

Also, there is something new I have to tell all of you guys about. I think you'll all love it, assuming you like Nordstrom. It's called style board and only a few were selected to try it out, me being one of them. So if you DM me your cell number on instagram or twitter I can send you a Style Board just for you or send you my "Pick of the Week". It's so easy to then add items to your bag and order them right there. I love it. You can get personally styled looks all styled by me if you'd like.  Even if you're a guy! Since I know there's a few guys out there who read this, you know who you are you Bros! ;) ha! 

Anyrate, if you'd like to shop with me and get a "pick of the week" look/pieces from me then DM me your cell numbers. 

Let's hope I can keep the blog up and going all summer for you lovelies.

Xoxo missed you guys.