I'm loving my new flats.

I found these on Free People the other week and had to have them.

Holographic bags and shoes have been in for awhile so finally I found something I liked enough to add to my wardrobe.

I think they're perfect for summer too! With the color and the way they tie up.

These are pretty comfy also and come in 3 other colors.

The couple qualms I have with these though are the way they crinkle after wearing them, especially in the point. One of my co workers suggested to put something in the toe so it doesn't crinkle as bad, and it works! So if you get these or any other pointed toe flats that want to crinkle... stuff them with tissue, cotton balls, or foam if you have it each time or two!!

The other problem I have is the color is so easy to scuff! So I'd just be careful if you get the holographic like I did!

But other than that they're fine. I was worried about the tie because they're leather so it's hard to tie them up nicely, but after one wear they're easy!

I recommend them and also who doesn't love Free People?!