F I N A L L Y...


I finally got the photos from the last Black Boutique shoot and all the ones from Thursday's shoot. I'm only going to post my favorites though!

However this summer collection (part one because they have even more stuff coming this summer) is amazing. Some of the unisex stuff is killer also... and the dresses... damn!

These photos are the only ones that came out of the last shoot because we had technical difficulties, but I'd say there pretty good! The hoodie I'm playing around laughing in is a unisex/men's hoodie and it's kinda funny because it zips ALL the way up! Comfy and cute tho!

Now here are the ones from Thursday's shoot!! 

I'd say both shoots were successful because we got some good photos out of each!

I think some of the stuff from the most recent shoot isn't quite up on their site or priced just yet... but they will be soon! So keep an eye. Go check them out and buy some goodies non the less!!


They are the best I'm telling you.