Kiss Me Like You Miss Me...


I decided to change up my photo color scheme a bit! Let's see if I keep a liking to it.  But onto the outfit. From my new Free People flats up! I wore a really cute lavender suede skirt that I got from H&M. It's a bit high waisted and long enough for me so that's a plus. Unfortunately H&M is sold out of mine, but Zara has a cute one.

I paired it with an old TShirt... I wanted to wear a cool old concer T but let's be real, my concert T's are Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5 so those shirts are a bit girly. Lol. So I wore one of my favorite Zara shirts that has such a cute saying on it.  Of course mine is old and they don't have it anymore, but there's plenty I would wear with this outfit, especially this one! 

The third piece to my outfit was my leather jacket that I've had for ages. It's from Express and I love it but it was too hot outside to wear it! 

I joked with one of my friends about how my outfit looked like a "festy" outfit which he says means "festival girl" kinda outfit! So that was my reasoning for this look. I think it was quite trendy with my holographic shoes and my sassy shirt. 

Ps. My necklaces are my home made choker and a random one of my moms! Lol so sorry I don't have a link for those!