Art & Beer...

I am in love. Absolutely in love with this place.

It's the most enchanting, beautiful, artful place I've ever been.

So Romantic.

So Eclectic.

So Peaceful.

David took me about 45 minutes out of Cabo last night to this place. See I was supposed to go home yesterday (Tuesday) but Art & Beer was closed Monday, which was when we were planning on going, so I simply couldn't leave Cabo on Tuesday morning without going to this place David was saving for last, so I stayed an extra day for this. It was worth every bit.

I had no idea what to expect. NONE. 

Okay I did know one thing... and that was that the drinks were huge.

I honestly can't even explain this place. It took my breath away 100P. ;)

Here are the photos so you can sort of see for yourselves...

But I promise, it won't do this place justice.

The people that run this are an adorable old couple who have been together for so many years and they've been running it for about 18 years. Between the two of them they make all the art. Haha also David and I agreed the man is sort of like a Mexican Santa Claus. Adorable.

David was speaking with them, not me unfortunately because I don't speak Spanish, but they said they close down on the off season and travel the world. Inside there's all these amazing photos of them together traveling and throughout is photos of them with their customers. It's adorable.

I was in complete awe.

David and I watched the sunset on the rooftop and wow. The view of the ocean and this couples art, plus the food and drinks, I was speechless. After sunset it lights up a bit and all the while they have lovely jazz music playing. After the sun is all the way down you can see the stars, so naturally we slow danced on the rooftop and just enjoyed the peaceful aura about it. This place just felt so magical.

Plus, the whole place is solar powered and has sand flooring and an art gallery with some simple yet trippy art.

I know my photos don't do it justice, but if you ever find yourself in Cabo, rent a car and go up to Art & Beer, you don't have to get a beer, but you'll be amazed (except August and September, that's when they close up shop).

*Disclaimer it's pricy compared to Cabo standards but normal compared to places in the states. But when you see the location you'll understand why it's priced the way it is.

I hope at least a few of you reading this take my advice and go check them out. ♥️

Thanks David.