B R E A T H L E S S...


[wpvideo HUfJfakX]

Such a beautiful pool day.

David got us all inclusive day passes to Breathless here in Cabo which means all you can eat food and drinks. Perfect huh?

His family came and boy we had a blast. It's a beautiful rooftop pool club. It reminds me a lot of a Vegas pool club but much nicer. The pool was an infinity pool looking over the ocean. Not to be corny but this place had me breathless. Lol.

I wish I had taken my own photo of it.. but here's one of my favorites from online: 

If you're planing a trip to Cabo in the near future and want to do all inclusive, this is where I would recommend. Unless you want to do stuff in town, I would recommend staying somewhere else and doing one day here. It's worth it.

OH AND PS BRING LOTS OF SUN SCREEN. I was dead the next day. And I wore some sun screen and that shirt all day an it didn't matter... I was a lobster lol.

Sorry for such a late post on this place... there will be a few other posts about my other favorites in Cabo. I'm going to do a whole post about my absolute FAVORITE PLACE ON EATH tonight, and another just about the trip itself. So be ready for more details.