Cabo San Lucas Pt. 2...

This blog post is just an overall travel post about my trip to Cabo. I know it's a bit late considering I've been back for like 6 days, but still. It was my first trip out of the country alone... sorta. There were so many amazing places we ate and drank, but I didn't take photos of all of them because I wasn't absorbed in my phone the whole time.

However there were some places and things that stood out to me so much I just had to take photos, and those are the things I want to include in this post!

First off was Bar Esquina (I think). It was the first place David took me after we dropped our stuff off at the hotel.

It was such a great restaurant. I loved the vibe and the whole atmosphere of the place. They had good music, which I dually noted that they were basically playing my Spotify playlist, but then they had live music after a bit which was definitely more romantic.

The food was also delicious. I, like a basic bitch, had a salad and a "Cabo Mule" to dink. They're like Moscow Mules but better. Another thing I noticed about Mexico is there's a ton of sushi restaurants and most restaurants offer sushi even if that's not their main style. Anyrate, if you ever go to Cabo I reccomend this place. Bar Esquina if I'm correct, I don't know, but whatever the name is it means corner bar. 

The next day we kinda just screwed around because we didn't know what to do and it was a bit overcast. However, David showed me one of the daytime party spots. It's called Mango Deck. It's just a couple minute drive from the main part of downtown Cabo. It was so fun. It was a party that's for sure. You can either sit inside or on the sand under the shade so obviously that's what we did. As we ate and drank our little hearts away, there was a little show going on. There's a rad MC and they do some funky fun shows like a push up contest and pull people from the audience and a booty shaking contest for the girls. It's pretty entertaining. I would go there again. This is the only photo I have from that place:

The other thing we did was go to a rad coffee shop after our day drinking fun. Now, if you know me you know how much I love coffee shops! They have a special place in my heart and Vegas is seriously lacking in the cool coffee shops. This one we went to was called Cafe Cabo.

Also, we went on his family's yacht.

Ummmm, yes.

His yacht.

The one day we were trying to go on the yacht we couldn't so we just sat around on it while the maintenance guy fixed and cleaned it. But then at the very end of the trip he surprised me. We watched the sunset from the yacht. Out in the ocean not just in the marina of course.


We saw little manta rays jumping which was so rad. They were adorable. They looked like ocean butterflies the way they flap their fins I guess. Plus some did backflips out of the water which was way cool because I had no idea they could do that.

Also the seals. Those were so cute. I got to swim with them last summer with my Dad and Becky, but this time we just got really close to them with the yacht which was pretty sweet.

Oh and uh shameless plug for their yacht. You can actually rent Dawn Patrol here!


[wpvideo 3W12h1WL]

The only other stand out things I'd want to blog about for you all, was our day at Breathless along with art & beer but I already did that.

But, I'm happy to say I will be going back and I cannot wait.

OH HOLD ON. I forgot. And how could I. This is one of my favorite places in Cabo. I'm TELLING YOU if you or anyone you know is going to Cabo and partying, you MUST go to Vickey's. It's the best burger place you'll find. And this is it. It's a little tent just past the mall on the Main Street, right in front of the bus stop. These burgers, are shit you not, $2. Only two American dollars and they're DELICIOUS. I'd dare say they are better than IN-N-OUT. So that being said, his sister wasn't gonna come out with us that night but I said come to the hookah lounge and then come to Vickeys and she said ok "doing it for Zoey and the Vickey." That's how good this place is!

Yummmm. Now I'm craving it.

[wpvideo PYnOIJNt]

There is no link for this place because it's literally just a tent festival style set up... but go check it out if you're in town. Until next time. Xoxo