Mule Madness...

I've been meaning to post about these babies for awhile!  I got these a couple weeks ago and I love them to death. I wear them a little too much 

Since Gucci is killin the game with their Mules it's the big trend right now and everyone's getting them. 

I however just fell in love with these Pedro's. Pedro Garcia is a designer brand that usually runs with a midrange progressive price range. Plus they're comfy as hell. (Ps. They're on sale at Nordstrom right now, but there's not many left! The link above is to Nordstrom.)

They're suede which a lot of people are weird about I guess. See I love suede all year round so I'm about it. Plus I love the dark green. I have so much I can wear with these from jeans and tshirt a to girly dresses to Nike running pants and a baseball cap. 

I'm happy that suede is starting to be considered a year round material. It adds such a soft quality to your look. Plus it's fun to play with the different textures and include something suede. Plenty of people still complain about suede because it's hard to maintain and keep clean but I haven't really had that problem. I just make sure I spray them down with the protector and I'm good. But worse case scenario you do have to get them cleaned, most shoe cobblers will fix em right up like they're brand new. So it's not something you shouldn't buy because of the material. And if you're like me, I like when the suede is a little worn. Like nice denim. 

I love these Pedro's. But most of all I love this mule trend. So go look at the Gucci's and also the Pedro's and get yourself some Mules.