I finally hopped onto the slide trend. 

The other day at work my other shoes gave me such blisters I couldn't the take it, so I got myself these badass babes. 

Rag & Bone is one of my favorite brands and when we finally got some of their slides I had to have them. 

They're quite comfortable! I really enjoy that these have a little toe mound thing that helps your toes grip the shoe so you don't slip out while you're walking. 

Also they're not too clunky which is good. I hate that slides tend to make feet look bigger and big feet look huge! I wear a size 9 so my feet are big and these make them look cute and girly, not clunky. 

They're a good material so if they get wet at the pool that is A-Okay. Also, they do run small so I'd recommend a half size or full size up. 

Here's a link to these baddies that I got. 

But also here are a couple links  to some other great slides Nordstrom has for men and women! Hope y'all find some you like so you can hop on this tend too, plus have some sweet shoes by the pool this summer. 

I know I'll be enjoying them in Cabo... PS. I'm on my way there now. ♥️