Cabo San Lucas...

Finally, some time to do this blog post! This trip I actually managed to take more photos, I think. This trip was also a very short trip compared to the other full week trips I've taken to see David.

However, this trip was also a blast.

David spoiled me, I mean he always does but this was extra, because it was all part of my bday gift.

We stayed at a Welk Resort called Sirena del Mar. This resort was STUNNING. Now I loved Bahia, but that was a boutique hotel, this was a full on resort.

Our room was killer. We basically had an apartment. We had a living room, kitchen, nice bathroom, and our bedroom was seperate from the whole hotel. Now that's all great but our view. Our view was amazing! We had one of the good rooms because of the view. Oh my lawwwd.

Since this is mainly a fashion blog... all my outfit details will be tagged, with one exception.

So in the photos above, is what I wore for my travel day outfit.

I wore this new denim skirt I recently got from Zara. It's sooo much cuter than the photo leads on because it has a little bit of a shiny coat on it towards the bottom. It's subtle but I love it. However, Zara is sold out of my skirt so linked here is all their denim skirts.

Also I wore my Pedro Garcia suede mules. Everyone knows how much I love those! I wear them too often lol. Ps you guys, that link takes you right to them and they're on sale! 50% off! Score!

My sunglasses are QUAY. However, I don't reccomend them. If you want super cute sunglasses then go for it, but the quality isn't the best. The lenses look like they would block the sun well, but they don't unfortunately. They also scratch super easy too. I love love love how cute they are though. I may buy another pair but a different pair and see if they're any better.

The one exception I mentioned was my shirt. I got it at Art & Beer the first time David and I went. But unfortunately it's one of those shirts that you have to get at the location. Honestly though, if you're ever in Cabo I reccomend going there. The owners do all their own art and the shirts have prints of their work. So, yeah it may look like a black tshirt, but it's actually way more stylish than that.

This photo of David and the few below we're from Wednesday night. David took me to the most amazing dinner I've ever been lucky enough to eat.

El Farallon. It means something like the rock from the sea.  We heard a few different meanings but either way the restaurant was built into the side of the rock and the waves crashes up from below. We were being sprayed by the mist of the waves crashing. It was lovely. David and I were in awe of this place.

This restaurant is quite pricy. But boy was it marvelous and such a treat. It was a 4 course meal. Everything from the bread and the dip to the desert was delicious. All of it was done just perfectly.

David and I laughed when the waiter brought out the bread and said "save room for desert." Like yeah right! We'll try! 😂

It was so hard to take photos here since it was dark out, so we just took some after by this pretty tree.

We always laugh that we're that couple everyone hates because we're so cheesy. But oh well.

I'm wearing my Black Boutique dress and David is wearing a Ralph Lauren Polo.

Now, on to my favorite. Tuesday night we went to my favorite place on earth. (Thus far). art & beer. David showed me this place the first time I went to visit him and I fell in love with it as you all know. It's magical. Ive never been to a place like it.

I'm glad we went this trip though, because the old couple that own it close up for all of August and September to travel.

So, it had rained on Thursday during the day in Cabo and it had rained more up at art & beer. Everything was green-ish and smelled like fresh rain. There were still some clouds so our sunset wasn't as bright as last time, but still just as gorgeous.

This time they had the whole pineapple though so David ordered me a Pina Colada, and they serve it IN THE FRESH PINEAPPLE. OH MY. It was absolutely perfect, not to sweet or too strong. Mmh hmm I can taste it now.

Also, while we were eating our chips and some sort of civeche like thing, David gave me my bday gift. If you notice that in some of our selfies I'm not wearing jewelry, but at the end I am!

He knows I'm not a big fan of jewelry but he said he found something perfect that I would love, and sure enough he was right. He hit the nail on the head. Boys got good taste. He got me a Swarovski choker and matching earrings.

Oh also, my dress is from Urban Outfitters! I got it on sale for $20! They're sold out online unfortunately, so I can't link it for you. But I'll check back again for a restocking next time I wear it.

But I did wear my Rag & Bone slides since I was trying to be casual.

But with the jewelry I was suddenly very over dressed. Lol.

Just writing about this place makes me smile, I love it so much.

Look at my handsome man!

Anyrate. I have some other things to blog about that I think you all will like!


Until next time,