Santo Cabo...

The best soaps and oils I've ever used.  I say that with all honesty! 

I love this stuff. Back in June when I was in Cabo, David took me to San Jose and we went to this art show. We walked around and walked into this store called Santo Cabo. The owner, who lived in Florida, started "making homemade soap, lotion and toothpaste as gifts for her friends and family," years ago and then ended up moving to Cabo and continuing her passion which led to brick and mortar stores, including one at Flora Farms

The owner, Anastasia, chose her ingredients for all her items quite specifically with the idea of being all natural with no added fillers! The ingredients are raw, food grade ingredients so they're real! Also, some of the ingredients are active which means they work better than most products, especially better than the ones that do have the fake filler ingredients. 

I'm telling you. Her stuff is amazing. I want to link the about Santo Cabo page here because it has more detail on why and how she came about creating this company. 

Anyrate. I love that her stuff is legit with no added crap. I swear it works better!!! Anyways, when I was there I got this carbon soap, it's face wash, and it kept me acne free and it smells wonderful. It's activated charcoal, lavender & lemongrass. This shit is amazing. I think the main thing that works for acne is the activated charcoal because I've used plenty of brands with charcoal in them and they work but this one beats them all! I mean, I've had great face wash before, but this stuff beats anything I've used from other "natural" brands to "dermatologist recommended" brands. This natural stuff is where it's at. Plus it smells Delicious!  Also, when David and I went into the actual store I purchased some coconut oil that is lovely as well. I wish I had a photo of it because the bottle and the stamp that labeled it was so chic! (Here's the website link to it though so you can see the photo and buy it. It's lovely!) The only problem with that oil was that because my room is so hot and so cold because of the heat and the AC, the coconut oil would solidify and liquify so often that it stared to smell funny. But I still use it because on my skin it doesn't smell weird and since it's real coconut oil it actually helps my dry skin here in the Vegas desert. 

The photos below are of the Santo Cabo Carbon soap I recently ordered, since I ran out of mine, along with some samples they sent me just because. 

The packaging is so authentic, I love it because you can still tell it's owned by someone and not just by a corporation. It is true authenticity and heart at its finest. The owner did this for fun and then flourished because she liked it and I love her products. 

I hope you all like the photos and take my advice and go get some of her products, you won't regret it. 

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Santo Cabo : Carbon Soap (black soap that I ordered & all the samples: Lavander Oat soap, Eucalyptus Spearmint soap & French Lover soap