V I N C E...

These shoes are my daily obsession lately.  I’ve had them for like 3 weeks now and I can’t stop wearing them. They go with almost everything I wear from dresses to jeans to leisure work out gear. They are also really comfortable. 

Oh and they’re V E L V E T. 

What better texture for fall?! I mean come on. 

I’ve been wearing this type of sneaker for like two years and I’ve gone through like 3 pairs of Steve Madden shoes so I decided to invest in some nice ones. 

VINCE is such a fabulous brand. Their stuff is great quality. Here is a link to their sneakers on their own website and then at Nordstrom as well. 

And good news for y’all, the shoes I’m loving are now at Nordstrom Rack and on a mark down! Score! They’re on sale at the rack, so if you get them you’re getting a KILLER deal. And I mean Killer.  Usually these shoes are $195, I got them for 80 on sale at work with my discount and now at the rack they are $49!!  So go check those out at the link above there’s only a few left. But, if you don’t see your size or don’t want velvet, Nordstrom full line has the black leather ones which are also super cute, and on sale for $145.  P.S Velvet is always on trend for the fall and winter so you would be making a good, staple kind of purchase if you do go with the same velvet ones I have or any of the newer velvet ones. 

Anyways, I hope you get some Vince sneakers if you’re a sneaker person at all. You won’t regret spending the money, they’re worth it.