F A L L. E S S E N T I A L S.


Hey lovelies. It's starting to feel a lot like fall in Vegas finally and I really wanted to give a little info on my fall faves this season, and honestly most fall/winter seasons.

As most of you know I'm kind of obsessed with nice leather things. So obviously one of my fall essentials is a leather jacket or 4. I have 4 leather jackets all different that I love to death but the one I've been wearing tons is my new black one I scored from H&M.

I've also been wearing out my Vince sneakers. Remember, the velvet ones I blogged about like 3 blog posts back, here. I am obsessed with these shoes still and they're great for the fall days where I'm walking around campus quite a bit. But they're also great for going out if you're not in the mood for heels but still want something cute!! I'm all about that New York street wear aspect of them too. The ones I have are sold out and not available anywhere right now, but here is a link to Nordstrom's options. They have a good selection and there's all kinds like leather, suede and velvet.

Also, since I've been in school since September, I got a new bag that I've been meaning to talk about. I love love love how it looks, however there may be a few design flaws. But, I am using it for my school bag and it's definitely not meant to hold all my crap. Since I put my laptop and all my notebooks in it, it's a bit too heavy so the chains tend to hurt my shoulders a little. So I recommend getting this bag if you're not going to be carrying heavy items in it like a laptop.

Here's an outfit with all three of my fall faves combined.

I'm telling you, I wear these three items with everything from skirts to jeans to leggings. They're so versatile and so cute.

I recommend getting some staple items like this going into the holiday season!